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3/15/23 - Repiping Kent, One Home at a Time!

10/17/19--Prep your pipes for winter!

10/12/18--Visit the source of Seattle's drinking water!

10/12/18--Who do I call: Plumber or Utility Company? Check here.

9/26/18--Unlike old soldiers who never die, sewer pipes have long, but limited lifetimes. Learn about our new tech for old sewer pipes.

9/26/18--How do I find emergency plumbing services? 5 questions to ask.

2/7/18-- Here are a few easy ways to check your plumbing while doing your Spring Cleaning this year!

1/10/18 -- Ever wondered how much training it takes to become a licensed plumber? Read how well-trained our plumbers are here!

12/13/17 -- Have a plumber that you'd like to thank for their help or one in your family? Here's 10 ideas for gifts and ways to celebrate them!

7/24/17 -- Sewer pipes may be out of sight and out of mind, but a clog can sneak up on you: learn how to prevent this plumbing issue before it happens!

5/31/17 -- How much do you know about drains?

5/1/17 -- What you don't know can hurt you: a faulty "side sewer" could lead to big problems in the future for your home and wallet.

2/22/17 -- Buying a new home? A plumbing inspection now could save you thousands of dollars later!

1/23/17 -- Winter is here, be prepared for freezing temperatures and keep your pipes warm!

12/6/16 -- Learn how to avoid the most common problem that causes clogs in kitchen plumbing and sewer backups: grease.

11/10/16 -- Toilet tissue rolling orientation remains a controversial debate topic. Which way do you roll?

9/16/16 -- Fall is here and so is football season! Learn how to protect your plumbing system, especially when you have guests over to watch the Seahawks play.



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