Garbage Disposal Installation Kent

From day to day, we use things like garbage disposals in our homes that can be taken for granted. The systems in our homes take care of us, so it is certainly necessary to take care of them just as often. It is important to make sure you have a well working garbage disposing system so that you can avoid clogging, foul odors, and motor burnout.

Here at Drain Pro Plumbing, we want to give you the best quality service, and that includes helping you with installing a new garbage disposal. Though it may seem like a long process, we will assist to make it easier for you and your family so you can go about your lives, knowing you have a reliable disposal system.

Kent Garbage Disposal Repair

The systems in our daily home and living do so much for us that we sometimes don't even realize they are in need of repairment. Our technicians and workers here at Drain Pro Plumbing not only take care of clogs and back-ups, but also the repairs to your disposal. Instead of jumping right to the installation of a replacement, call us to see if there is a repair we can make to help your insinkerator function properly again!

To avoid full replacement, you should consider avoiding foods that are greasy, stringy, hard, or expand when wet. It is also necessary to run water as you put things down the disposal to help clear out debris and keep your pipes from clogging. Try not to put too much down the drain at once, because that could cause serious burn-out. These tips are useful to help keep your garbage-disposal lasting longer. Although, sometimes even by following precautionary guidelines, you can still run into issues that may require a full replacement treatment. 

Don't worry, Drain Pro Plumbing has got you covered in King County either way. At Drain Pros we can diagnose and fix the issue with your garbage disposal to make sure it is operating in great condition when you need it!

Garbage Disposal Replacement Kent

Our garbage-disposal can be incredibly helpful when working in the kitchen. It is likely that you use yours every day. Though they are very useful when trying to get rid of unwanted food and waste, when our garbage disposals are used too frequently, they tend to get worn out or clogged. Garbage disposals can often last anywhere from 8-15 years, but after that point, it might be time to consider a replacement!

Our company, Drain Pro Plumbing has the tools and materials that are current and updated to help you install a brand new garbage-disposal. Having a disposal installation can be quite tricky and is better to be done by professionals than attempting it yourself and having it done the wrong way. We will install a new garbage disposal in your home, and your sink will work as good as new!


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