Project: Drain Pit Dry-well disposes of water from roof gutters

Drain Pro Plumbing did the job in Burien, Washington. As seen in the pictures below,Drain Pro Plumbing dug up the trench and protect and save all the dirt. The pipe bent under the sidewalk without breaking the concrete. Then dug up the pit on the other side of the side walk, protect the dirt mixing up with the rocks with the fiber cloth. Install the plastic basin with holes in the bottom, to slowly drain into the soil naturally. Collect all the sediments into the basin. Also install the overflow discharge pipe in the basin. After all the work was done, Drain pro plumbing put the dirt back into the trench nicely and replanted the yard work, as shown in the next pictures.

Project: Catch Basin Installation for French Drain

Job Site: Renton, Washington.

Demo: Drain Pro plumbing cut the concrete slab 4 ft by 4 ft, jack hammer the concrete. Then dig up 2 ft deep, and install the catch basin. Connect with existing French Drain, which will allow to catch all the debris, sediments, coming from the driveway into the french drain. Re-patch the concrete, and gave the final finishing touches. Clean the job site.

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