Water service line. new and repair

In order to keep getting clean and fresh water, it is important to keep the water pipe lines maintained and repaired at regular pace. If you have old or worn out pipes, it is important that you get new ones installed as soon as possible. It is important that you contact a licensed company who has the experts and technology to provide you with the best possible service. Be it residential or commercial, Drain Pro's team is licensed and trained to lay new pipes and also repair the old ones when needed. Also we have a complete trained team who can install new pipes using trenchless technology, which is more convenient as it doesn't damage any landscaping. Also we provide assurance of approved city inspections and permits, which is required by law. No pipe lines can be installed without proper permits from the city. With the expert plumbing from Drain Pro, the approved permits and inspection from the city are a guarantee.

  1. new pipes installation
  2. old pipe repair
  3. trenchless pipes installation
  4. inspection and approved permits

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