10 Special Gifts for Plumbers

Maybe you’ve had an experienced plumber save you from a plumbing emergency, and you’d like to thank him for a job well done. Or perhaps you have a plumber in the family who’s having a birthday or anniversary.

Whatever the reason, the marketplace is full of specialty plumbing gifts, just a click away.

Here are some of the special plumbing gifts we found:

1. A tie decorated with plumbers’ tools. ($25.50)


2. A chrome metal toilet key chain with a lid that lifts up. ($12.99)


3. A teeshirt ($19.95) that proclaims “There are no shortcuts to mastering my craft. It takes

years of blood, sweat, and tears before you earn the right to be called a plumber.”


4. A desktop paper clip holder in the shape of a sink, with metal faucets ($13.00).


5. A pewter belt buckle that says “plumber” with pipes and tools in the design ($13.98).


6. A tin of Plumber’s Helper: 16 ounces of chocolates in the shape of pipe elbows and valves

($24.99). https://www.applecookies.com/plumbing-hvac/plumbers-helper/

7. A crate of milk chocolate toilet plungers, commodes, and wrenches ($36.99). This one also comes with a real mini-plunger.


8. A 16-inch-square throw pillow with an tasteful picture of copper piping in brown tones ($20.00).


9. Plumbers’ mugs. These come with all kinds of sayings, such as “Instant plumber: Just add coffee” ($9.95). Different sizes and colors available.


10. An adjustable (2.5 inch) wrench on a key chain. It works! ($6.95)


There are lots of plumber’s theme party ideas available, too. We liked the plumber’s 70th birthday party, which featured centerpieces made out of rose-covered plungers.

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