Prep Your Pipes for Winter

On our western side of Washington in the Seattle area, we are fortunate to have mild winters, but that makes residents susceptible to cold snaps that can damage pipes. As fall has arrived, it is time to prep your home’s pipes and water sources for winter! Here’s a quick winter plumbing checklist to prevent damage and be ready for any snow or sub-freezing temperatures. If you find you need service, call us at Drain Pro Plumbing for service or maintenance of your residential or business plumbing in King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties.

  1. Drain and Detach Outdoor Hoses

With all the rain in the Pacific Northwest, we don’t need to worry about freezing very often, and you won’t need your hose much in the winter, but we have had short and very snowy spells the past few years. It won’t hurt to detach your outdoor hoses, drain them of all water, and store them in your garage, shed, or under other similar cover. Outdoor plumbing is still plumbing, and pipe breaks can cause damage.

Store hoses for the winter
  1. Cover Outdoor Spigots

While you’re detaching those hoses, it can’t hurt to cover the spigots with inexpensive covers you can buy at local hardware stores. For just a few dollars, you can purchase these styrofoam or other simple spigot covers that insulate them against cold. Sometimes the pipes leading to a spigot are uncovered in the walls of your garage. You might consider putting simple insulation around any exposed pipes leading to your outdoor spigot as well. This may save you an unpleasant surprise when you turn on the water in the spring.

  1. Check Water Heater

The middle of winter in Seattle is not the time to do preventive maintenance on your water heater. There’s nothing worse than a freezing shower in January! Check your water heater’s temperature setting to be sure it’s set at 120 degrees for optimum heating hot water availability, but consider a slightly lower temperature if you have children or elderly members of the household who may get scalded. If you haven’t had your water heating source serviced recently, it’s a good time to schedule that with us at Drain Pro Plumbing. At a routine service call, a plumber can make sure all is working well, check for sediment buildup in the tank, and ensure plumbing success for you throughout the cold winter months. Heating water is expensive, so you want your equipment to work efficiently.

  1. Check for Faucet Drips

Faucet drips may seem like a minor annoyance, but they waste water and can be the first sign of bigger trouble. Our plumbers can check any problem faucets in your house and do quick, same-day repairs or service in many cases. A plumber can also give you simple tips to manage this problem.

  1. Check Drains

While you are checking faucets, check under sinks for any moisture or drips, and make sure your drains are draining quickly and rapidly. While many minor clogs can be handled by home owners, more serious clogs sometimes require a trained professional plumber and the right equipment. If you ignore a clogged drain too long, it can become a much more serious problem as the clog gets larger or denser. A professional plumber has the right equipment to remove stubborn clogs.

  1. Locate Main Water Valve

A water emergency in your home is NOT the time to try to locate the shutoff water valve. Some homes have an internal shut off (garage?) but there is generally a curb shutoff to the main water supply. This is often marked by the local municipality, but may get covered with grass, shrubbery, etc. Know where it is and how to turn it off. It’s generally a simple turn of the knob. Make sure everyone in your family knows the location of localized water shut-offs under sinks and behind toilets and washing machines (turn right to turn off) for quick shut-off. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help from a plumber. Plumbers deal with these things all the time and can give you helpful hints. Our plumbers treat you with respect and will assist in any way they can.

Running through this quick fall plumbing checklist will alert you to any water issues you need to address in your home. Contact Drain Pro Plumbing 24/7 for your emergency and maintenance plumbing needs. Dealing with plumbing issues at the beginning is nearly always more cost-efficient than waiting for an emergency. Water damage can be costly and extremely inconvenient. Call us at 206-765-0105 or see our complete plumbing and heating services at Our experienced plumbers will be happy to assist. We can handle all plumbing services for your residence or business.

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