Grease Is the No. 1 Plumbing Enemy!

What’s the most common problem that causes clogs in kitchen plumbing and sewer backups? Grease.

“Whether you have a private septic system or are connected to a municipal sewer system, disposing of kitchen fats, oils, and grease down the sink, drain or toilet is a sure way to foul the sewer pipes and require costly plumbing services,” says Raman, manager of Drain Pro Plumbing. “When it comes to clogs, we’re a big advocate of prevention.”

Even small amounts of grease from rinsing plates or silverware in the sink can accumulate and clog pipes over time. The culprits are not just the obvious culprits of bacon grease or butter, but also mayonnaise, gravy, milk, cream, sauces, and soups. In short, most food residues include some fats. The small amounts you put down the drain over time can cause big clogs.

The inside of a clogged pipe is nasty looking. If you’re not convinced of how disgusting clogs can be, the Seattle Public Utilities has a one-minute video on its website about it:

Grease Disposal Recommendations

So, what’s the best way to dispose of cooking grease? Here are some general rules:

* Use a paper towel to wipe up grease and food particles from a cooking pan, and dispose of the towel in the trash.

* Pour fats, oil, and grease into a disposable container with a top, seal it, and place it in the trash.

* Use a strainer in your sink to catch food particles, and empty it into the trash or compost.

If you’re wondering about recycling the disposable containers, The Seattle Public Utilities office notes that waste from fats, oils, and grease “cannot be recycled or composted and must be enclosed in a container and put in the trash. The benefit of throwing [this] waste in the garbage to protect pipes and water outweighs the cost of disposing possible recyclable containers in the garbage.”

Individual homeowners are responsible for any blockages in the side sewer pipes leading from you house to the public sewage system.

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