Who Do I Call? Plumber or Utility?

Homeowners and renters alike will often come up against this question: “Do I call my local plumber or my local utility service with my plumbing issue?” Every situation is different, of course, and as a renter you may be making the first call to your landlord instead if there is a water-related problem, but here are some general rules.

First, put Drain Pro Plumbing in your phone contacts (253-236-5000). When there’s a plumbing emergency, the last thing you need to do is google “plumber.”

When to Call Drain Pro Plumbing
1. A visible water leak in your home that seems to be coming from your water/pipe sources—toilets, sinks, showers, dishwashers—requires a quick call to a plumbing professional. (Leaks unrelated to plumbing such as roof leaks during a storm will likely require a roofing specialist or a contractor pronto).

Many water sources in your home have shut-off knobs (righty tighty, lefty loosey) to stem the water flow while you are waiting for a plumber’s arrival. These knobs are generally under sinks, behind washing machines, and behind toilets.

If there is a more serious water flow, you may need to shut off the water source to the house entirely. This shut-off is usually located near your street under a panel in the ground. Once on site, the plumber will take over, assess the problem, and find you a solution.

2. If your drains are draining slowly or backing up, you likely have a clog that needs a plumber’s professional equipment and expertise. Our drain snakes and other equipment are able to clear drains that at-home-use drain snakes won’t reach. Sewage backing up into your shower or toilets is a sure sign that you have a clog somewhere in your system.

3. A suddenly increasing water bill could be caused by an unknown leak, possibly in your yard. Sink holes or perpetual damp spots in your yard without explanation could be the sign of a leaky or broken pipe outside your home. Pipes located on your property (up to the city street) are generally your responsibility.

When to Call the Local Utility Company
1. Any time you move, even often in rental situations, you may need to begin and/or end your water service. This is time to call your municipal/city water utility. Check with your landlord for their procedures or with your realtor if selling a home, even if it’s vacant. Water service may still be needed for landscape watering, inspections, etc.

When moving in or out, check your city’s website and click on utilities or call them to begin or end service. City of Kent Utilities.

2. If the water on your entire street or area appears to be out, it’s time to call the city utility. There could be a leak or a scheduled water service or repair nearby.

3. If you see a leak coming from a neighbor’s home or a leak in the street, it’s also time to call the city utility immediately for a shut off at the water main. The city is responsible for water leaks beyond your property line are part of the city’s water main.

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