Test Your Drain IQ!

This quiz tests your drain brain, how savvy you are about household water use and plumbing. The answers appear below.

1. In the summer, it’s okay to flush grease down the drain, because it won’t clog the pipes in the heat. True or False?

2. Very slow leaky faucets are worth fixing. True or False​?

3. The city is responsible for fixing any problems in outside sewer pipes. True or False?

4. Showers use the most water in your home. True or False?

5. Indoor water use per household has been going down since 1999. True or False?

6. High-efficiency appliances don’t make a noticeable difference in household water use. True or False?


1. False.

You may think that that warm liquid oil or grease won’t do any damage, but as the liquid cools, that grease solidifies and floats to the top. It sticks to the sides of the pipes and attracts small particles like coffee grounds and rice. Eventually enough grease and grit accumulates to block water flow.

2. True.

U.S. households are wasting about 12 percent of their water on leaks–about 1 trillion gallons nationwide annually. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that leaks can account for 10 percent of your water bill.

3. False.

Homeowners are responsible for maintenance and repair of the side sewer, which connects the household pipes to the municipal sewer in the street.  

4. False.

Showers account for 20 percent of household water use. Toilet flushing accounts for 24 percent. But, when it comes to hot water household use, showers account for 39.1 percent.

5. True .

Household daily water use decreased by 22 percent from 1999 to 2016, according to the Water Research Foundation.

6. False.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and appliances save about 30 percent of indoor water use. Plus, high-efficiency appliances also save on your energy bills.

Super Bonus Question

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