Kent, Seattle and Puyallup Sump Pump and Sewer Experts

Drain Pro Plumbing offers services for both residential and commercial sump pump installation, and sewer and sump pump repair services at the most competitive prices.

Many homeowners rely on sewage pumps or sump pumps to avoid flooding in their basements, but those systems need to be properly installed, maintained and repaired quickly if something goes wrong. Drain Pro Plumbing’s sewage and sump pump installation and repair services will ensure that your sump pump and sewer services are installed correctly and set up to avoid breaking when you need them most.

Professional Sump Pump and Sewer Services
When installing a sump pump or sewer pump, our professional Drain Pro plumbers will take care to:

  • Do a sump pit installation as a first step to installing a sump pump.
  • Dig a hole at the lowest point of your basement.
  • During the installation of the sump pit our technicians shall take care not to jeopardize the basement foundation.
  • The sump bin will be at least 10″ away from the interior basement walls, to avoid any damage to the building structure.
  • Our skilled technicians will make use of sewer injector pumps to ensure that this waste is properly disposed.
  • We also use proper installation procedures so that there is no damage to your home or business.

24/7 Emergency Sump Pump and Sewer Services
Drain Pro Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency service in case you have a failure in sewage ejectors or sump pumps, you can call us anytime at 253-236-5000 (Kent) or contact us.  To avoid too much water from flooding your basement and crawl space we have sump pumps and sewage ejectors on hand, and will get to your location as soon as possible.

Sewage Pumps Information
Sewage Pumps are used to pump residential sewage out to the elevated city sewer line or to their septic tanks. These pumps are often used to remove water that has accumulated in water collecting sump pit which is a common occurrence in the basement of many homes. As such the Sump pump is built in such a way so that the accumulated water is send water away from the house to places like municipal storm drain or a dry well, where it does not cause a problem.

Sump Pumps Information
Sump Pumps are used to remove excess water from a sump pit, hence their name. It is most commonly used in basements that are prone to flooding. Sump pumps are available in two varieties, such as submersible or pedestal. A submersible sump pump works even while submerged under water and a pedestal pump is kept on a support and switches on when the water reaches a particular level.