Sump Pump Installation Puyallup

Drain Pro Plumbing provides repair and installation services for the Puyallup Washington and surrounding area for sewer sump pumps at affordable costs.


Having reliable sewage sump pumps is important to keep water from flooding basements and crawl spaces. Drain Pro Plumbing has experienced professional technicians for different types of plumbing systems, both for installation practices, as well as offering quick repair services when needed. It’s important for sump pumps to be inspected and installed by qualified companies to avoid them breaking later down the road. 

Sump Pumps Puyallup

Drain Pro Plumbing has 24 hour Emergency Services

We provide plumber repair service 7 days a week for residential and commercial  emergency all day repairs and maintenance for when you’re experiencing any sort of failure with your sump pump.

Our Puyallup area plumbers are ready and equipped with injectors and tools that they need to fix your repair efficiently and at a good price. Please call for our Puyallup and Tacoma service at 253-236-5000 or contact us online.

Sewage Pumps

Especially homes with poor drainage system can use sewage sump pumps to push the it above to the septic tank or sewer line. It’s also helpful for disposing of accumulated water that collects in the sump pit, which is quite common in basements and crawl spaces. Sump pumps are designed to pump that water to the dry well or storm drain instead of accumulating in the home. 

Sump Pumps

It’s an extremely helpful system for basements that have flooding. We are knowledgeable in both pedestal sump pumps and submersible sump pumps. The pedestal pump sits on top of a riser and comes on when it reaches a specific level, while the submersible sump pump works while being submerged. We ensure the install job is done with a good cost and all waterproofing is administered. 

Drain Pro Plumbing cares about your plumbing experience, as our reviews show from our Puyallup and greater area customers. Our local professionals have years of experience in whatever your plumbing problems might be and can work with contractors as well. 


Sump Pump Puyallup

Professional Sump Pump & Sewer Services
To ensure adequate drainage and control of your plumbing, our professional Drain Pro plumbers will take always make sure to:

  • Install the Sump pit to prepare for the Sump Pump
  • We find the lowest point in your basement for the hole
  • Our technicians make sure your property and foundation are kept in good condition
  • To avoid damage to any structure, we keep a distance of 10’ away from the interior walls of the basement or crawl space
  • The utilization of the injector pumps helps ensure that the waste and sewage is pumped away properly
  • Our specialized technicians make sure the installation and repairs are done with high quality work and good time
Seattle Home Sump Pump

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