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ZIP CODE: 98032

Midway, Kent, a vibrant community with charm lies in within beautiful and clean surroundings, making it an ideal locale for families and dog lovers alike. The community is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, diverse food options, and convenient locations near restaurants and nature. Amidst the local charm, Drain Pro Plumbing effortlessly ensures residential and commercial plumbing service contributing
to making your living experience better and seamless at Midway.

Midway, Kent, boasts accessible walkways and private car roads, providing residents with seamless commuting options. Explore the Midway neighborhood map for more about this neighborhood.


Midway, Kent, is a community of approximately 7,135 residents with a diverse demographic. With an average age of 46 years, the neighborhood is characterized by a mix of homeowners and a range of interests. Homeownership stands at 47%, reflecting a community with a stable residential base. Residents appreciate Midway for its cleanliness, family-friendly atmosphere, and proximity to amenities like restaurants and parks.

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Plumbing Solutions for Midway

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community of Midway, Kent, where residents find a home filled with beauty, family-friendly charm, and a dog-loving atmosphere. From the clean surroundings to the variety of top interests, Midway is a haven for those seeking a perfect blend of suburban tranquility and lively engagement. Midway embodies a sense of community pride. Drain Pro Plumbing understands the value of community and is proud to serve Midway with our guaranteed plumbing services.

We value top-notch service, reliability, and a dedication to client satisfaction in all we do, from sewer cleaning to trenchless sewer repair. Choose Drain Pro Plumbing as your dependable partner in the upkeep of Midway’s heart. Call us at 206-785-1404

Schools Near East Hill

Discover quality education in Midway with four outstanding nearby schools offering diverse learning opportunities for kids. These institutions provide a dynamic and accessible learning environment for students in Midway.

Restaurants Near Midway

Fulfil your midnight cravings and serve your appetite with the restaurants in the nearby Midway neighbourhood.

  • McDonald's (3.2)
    $Fast food restaurant
    22644 Pacific Hwy S, Des Moines, WA 98198, United States

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