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Star Lake

ZIP CODE: 98032

A lively neighborhood with convenience and comfort, Star Lake in Kent is a serene community. The neighborhood is dog-friendly and family-oriented, with shared interests in gardening and home improvement. With convenient freeway access to Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma, Star Lake is an ideal commuter location for tech and engineering hubs. Amidst the local charm, Drain Pro Plumbing effortlessly ensures residential and commercial plumbing service contributing to
making your living experience better and seamless at Star Lake.

Navigate Star Lake, in Kent effortlessly with a major intersection and convenient bus stops for daily commuting. Be aware of potential peak-hour traffic, and explore the map for more neighborhood details.


Star Lake beckons has a population of less than thousands, boasting an average age of 48. This tight-knit neighborhood is predominantly composed of proud homeowners, constituting 73% of its population. Residents are drawn to Star Lake's serene ambiance, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, the tranquil lake, and a friendly atmosphere.

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Plumbing Solutions for Star Lake

Discover the allure of Star Lake and Embrace the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The community, gathered from Nextdoor neighbors, cherishes the beauty, convenience, and family-friendly ambiance, making it an ideal place for those who seek a tranquil yet connected lifestyle. Drain Pro Plumbing understands the value of community and is proud to serve Star Lake with our guaranteed plumbing services.

We value top-notch service, reliability, and a dedication to client satisfaction in all we do. When you need an expert plumbing company in Kent, choose Drain Pro Plumbing. Call us now at 206-785-1404.

Schools Near Star Lake

Discover quality education in Star Lake with four outstanding nearby schools offering diverse learning opportunities for kids. These institutions provide a dynamic and accessible learning environment for students in Star Lake.

Restaurants Near Star Lake

Fulfil your Mexican cravings and serve your appetite in the restaurants nearby Star Lake neighbourhood.

Viva Mexico Restaurant (4.3)
$$Mexican restaurant
26015 Pacific Hwy S, Des Moines, WA 98198, United States

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