Tacoma Homeowners Navigating Recent Plumbing Main Issues

Main line plumbing issues in Tacoma Washington

Let’s Talk Mains

If you’re lucky, you’ve never had to deal with the issue of your main line. Most homeowners are aware that it plays a crucial role in a steady flow of clean water and efficient wastewater disposal. Unfortunately, recent issues with plumbing mains in Tacoma, Washington have posed significant challenges for local homeowners.

From water supply disruptions to potential property damage, these issues have become a source of frustration and concern for local residents. But what’s causing this? Why does it seem that suddenly these issues are more and more common and what could it mean for Tacomans? Let’s talk about that.

Aging Infrastructure

The reality is, Tacoma has a long history and although that means for amazing architecture, it also means aging systems. Many plumbing mains in the area were installed decades ago and because they were installed systematically in relatively the same timeframe, issues of wear and tear are showing up form many. 

Water Supply Disruptions

When plumbing mains experience issues such as leaks or bursts, homeowners often face disruptions. Our water system is fundamental to the function of our homes, so the inconvenience is real. Cooking, drinking, showering, using the restroom, watering the yard… these are all areas impacted. 

Property Damage

Oddly, one would be fortunate to just have the inconvenience of disrupted service, because the alternative is something that could be catastrophic, causing significant property damage. If a main leaks or bursts, it can lead to water flooding the surrounding area. This also means it might extend beyond your property and impact your neighbors. 

Water Quality

Be aware of changes in your water quality, they may be an indication of an issue. If the main line is compromised, it may introduce contaminants or bacteria into the water supply. This can be quite dangerous, so it’s not something to ignore. 

A Proactive Approach

If you notice other homes in your neighborhood with dug up yards or even streets near your house, you may want to take a proactive approach. You can invite us out to scope your plumbing lines which will record all the way out to the main line. We’ll be able to see and catch any obvious obstructions or damage that might need to be addressed – or that might indicate that a greater issue is on the brink. This empowers you to reach out to the city before a break occurs to ensure they prioritize your project. It also creates accountability, since it’ll be on record that an issue was reported. This is a good thing in the event that they don’t correct it in time. 

At the end of the day, even systems like your main line, although technically the responsibility of the city… really falls on you, the homeowner. If you don’t take an active role in making sure your system is healthy, then you’re at the mercy of whatever happens, happens. Our team is ready to help. Also, if you have other plumbing needs, please give us a call at: (206) 785-1404 or reach out on our site.

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